I am Nripesh Trivedi. I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, (BHU), Varanasi in May 2016 with Integrated Master's in Mathematics and Computing. I have had the pleasure of working at EPFL as a research assistant and research associate. Here, I worked at LSIR Lab headed by Dr. Karl Aberer. Specifically, I worked with Dr. Jean Paul Calbimonte, Dr. Rameez Rahman and Hamza Harakous. Before that, I have worked at kno.e.sis as a research assistant with Dr. Derek Doran. I have also been a software Engineering Intern at Polotsk State University, Belarus. 

During my earlier years at IIT-BHU, I had an opportunity to work at ISI Kolkata as a summer research fellow under the programme hosted by Indian Academy of Sciences.

Key projects (with slides, code and technical report ( where applicable ))

1. Outlier Analysis of a data-set of pollution levels in Lausanne ( as a sub-project within the OpenSenseII project at EPFL ( code ))

2. Analysis of a data-set of users' activities on 7 Cups of Tea ( an online social network ) ( Download slides ) ( code )

3. Discerning major factors influencing members to take up an additional role within 7 Cups of Tea ( an online social network ) ( code )

4. Modelling Engagement among listeners on 7 Cups of Tea ( an online social network ) ( code

5. Really anonymous social network ( Implementation of scheme for trusted users ) ( Download slides ) ( code

6. Summer research project ( as an Indian Academy of Sciences Fellow ) ( Technical Report )


1. M. C. Calzarossa, L. Masarri, D. Doran, S. Yelne, N. Trivedi, and G. Moriarty. "Measuring the Users and Conversations of a Vibrant Online Emotional Support System", Proc. of IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communicatios, Messina, Italy, July 2016.
2. N. Trivedi, D. A. Asamoah and D. Doran, "Keep the Conversations Going: Engagement-Based Customer Segmentation on Online Social Service Platforms", Information Systems Frontiers, 2016. (in press)
3. S. C. Patel, L. S. Umrao, R. S. Singh, M. Gupta, N. Trivedi, "Access Control Using Mobile Verification System For Cloud", International Journal of Information and Computation Technology (IJICT), ISSN 0974-2239 Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 78-81, 2013.

Projects/ Awards/ Internships

You may have a look at my Resume which contains a detailed description of the various projects undertaken by me over the course of my Master's degree.

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